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Taos Tack and Pet Supply
Taos Tack and Pet Supply
Pet Food Taos Tack and Pet Supply
Pet Foods

California Natural, Earthborn, EVO, Innova, Nutro, Nutro Ultro (#1 holistic pet food)Pro Pac, Precise & Wellness brands. We also carry food for birds, hedgehogs, hamsters, rabbits, chinchilla and ferrets.

Quality Pet Beds Taos Tack and Pet Supply
Eco Nap

Dogs can rest easy on our stylish, ultra durable, machine washable, and earth friendly Eco Naps. These mats utilize our IntelliTex™ fabric, milled in the USA with 85% of the fabric comprised of post consumer recycled plastic.

Cat Wand

Enjoys hours of entertainment watching your cat flip, slide and spin after the dangling feathers.

Pet toys Taos Tack and Pet Supply
Lady Wade Saddle - Taos Tack and Pet Supply
McCalls Lady Wade

Currently our bestseller - this design is for the lady (or the gent) who is seeking an extremely comfortable lighter weight Wade with a narrower seat. McCall’s special inskirt riggin’ pulls like a flat plate and is stout enough for a full day’s works.
Vet Supplies

Vet Supplies Taos Tack and Pet supply

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