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Bluebonnet® Feeds

Preferred Cockatiel Blend

  • Ideal combination of white and red millet blended with striped sunflower seed, safflower seed, canary seed and colored oat groats fortified to perfection with Bluebonnet’s exclusive Pro-Vita Supplement. This is an ideal total diet for all medium hookbills.
  • Pro-Vita Supplement contains an ideal balance of minerals, vitamins, probiotics and high quality protein sources to provide balanced nutrition unmatched by any other brand. Chelated trace minerals and micro-nutrients from kelp seaweed help assure maximum mineral nutrition.
  • Ingredients are triple cleaned and polished to remove dust and chaff through Bluebonnet’s exclusive screening and air vacuum cleaning processes.
  • Contains just the right balance of quality ingredients that Cockatiels prefer coated with a sweet berry flavor and mineral oil to control dust.
  • Only choice grade “quality checked” seeds are used in this premium blend.